Thinking Ahead

Let me be clear, I don’t really think ahead. I rarely plan anything, sewing or otherwise. I am more a spur of the moment kinda gal. This has proven to be a real problem for me. Disorganization, wasted time and so on. I know people who have all their projects organized into certain time frames with deadlines and other nonsense. Secretly I am very jealous.  I’m tired of scrambling to finish articles of clothing in order to be able to wear them before the season is over. So with this in mind, I am  trying to be more organized. I would like to try to sew for the upcoming seasons. After snowboarding with my kids over their February break I realized I am in need of new winter outerwear. What I currently have is old, worn and not really my style any longer. I really love the idea of a vintagy inspired style but i’m not sure of the practicality. I just don’t think sweaters alone are warm enough for the harsh winters of the northeast.


vintage ski wear

Jack Edward McIlrath Pictures (circa 1940-1942)


They were hardcore in Alaska in the 40′s! The next one may be more practical but I don’t know if I can rock the one piece and what a pain when you have use the ladies room.


vintage ski wear

Photo Alpine Style 56


I have some things in mind.  Like the Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns



minoru jacket

Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic Patterns


For the pants I am thinking one of my jeans pattern in a larger size to accommodate the lining and bulkier fabric.  I think in the right fabric and with some concealed interior gators this could work, right?


jeans sewing pattern

McCall’s 6610


So this is my sewing project for the summer.  To be all ready for the slopes next winter.  This is so hard for me to think about when winter hasn’t  ended here yet and I am dreaming of flowy summer frocks.

Happy New Year!

I thought I should get that in before the end of the month. I think I made it …

I may have fallen off the face of the blogging earth for the past month or so but not the sewing earth. It has been loco en la casa de hippie. I had a sudden and unexpected job change in November which left me with lots of time for sewing last minute Christmas gifts.  Thank God because I always procrastinate with handmade gifts. Yep, I was stitching Christmas Eve.

Mittens for Christmas   Picture piles of these mittens all over my house.  Everyone got up-cycled felted wool mittens for Christmas!  Who doesn’t love getting mittens as a gift?  And hopefully these were a little special.

So for the deets. I used a pattern I found over at Purl Bee. I used the full size for adult mittens and reduced it to 85% for the kids and ladies with dainty hands. Instead of the felt the pattern recommended I used old wool sweaters that I have been collecting. Just threw them in the wash with the hottest water lots of soap and an extra agitate cycle and dried them in an hot dryer. They felted nicely. I was able to get at least two pairs out of one sweater. First, I sewed them on my machine with a small zigzag, then turned them out and used fingering weight yarn to embroider over the seems. Sorry, I can’t remember which stitch, I don’t know a lot about embroidery. It looks kind of like a blanket stitch, but extends to both sides.Christmas mittens 2013

Super cozy!

For Bro's GF

For Bro’s girlfriend.

Unfortunately I only have pictures of a few pairs. I just didn’t think of photographing them altogether. Too bad, it would have been a pretty picture, a rainbow of mittens.Only now that I all the mittens have reached their anticipated owners was I able to post the pics and get feedback.  Everyone loves them! Some have requested additional pairs. Although I have a lot of ideas for the next batch, I think I’ll take a break. After making so many, and how cold it has been here in the northeast, I’m tired of mittens for now. I have my eye on summery frocks:)

Made with love!

Made with love!

Too Many Projects

I haven’t posted in a bit ‘cuz I haven’t finished shit! I thought I would give you a little update on what I’m working on. First the project I have been working on the longest that should not be taking me this long.


I am making the pants but have run into technical difficulties. It’s nothing I can’t solve, but makes the project less appealing.



I have moved on though…

IMG_3465 IMG_3467

Yep, that’s Grainline’s Scout Tee. I have decided I need one in Chantilly lace for Thanksgiving. Should be able to have it done today. Maybe I’ll finish my utility jeans, knit some mittens for the fam and bake some pies for turkey day too! ….          Yeah, right!

I Think I Could Wear This Outfit Everyday

This outfit started with a little envy of this post by Lladybird. I want a corduroy Kelly skirt! I already owned the Renfrew pattern and busted that out in this softy grey and purple leopard print knit I had in my stash. I cut the size 8 according to my measurements, lengthening the bodice an inch. It fits perfectly, being on the fitted side, if I want something with positive ease one size up will be fine.


I seriously love both of these pieces! I even bought new shoes to go with the outfit (which I’m not wearing in any of the pics because they hadn’t been delivered yet). I really wanted purple shoes anyway, I was just looking for an excuse to buy them.


Sooo… you probably noticed this is not the Kelly skirt pattern.  When I decided I had to have the Kelly, I went to my local sewing shop to pick up the printed pattern. There is just something about having the printed pattern. I know it’s not a big deal print at home and tape together… really it’s a pain in the ass, but I could deal.  Well if I had looked online I might have noticed that the pattern is out of print.  I found this out when I got to the store, hmmph.


While I was talking whining to the sales woman at Grey’s (the owner, maybe) about the pattern being out of print she kindly directed me to Deer & Doe’s Belladone pattern. Yeah, the dress pattern. She pointed out the skirt portion of the dress is very similar to Kelly skirt, without the pleats in the back.  Genius! I didn’t want those pleats anyhow. No need to accentuate the extra junk I carry around in my trunk. Hey, now I have the Belladone pattern as well.

So another thing I learned at Grey’s was how to sew a button on a sewing machine. Seriously how have I gone this long without knowing about this?


I didn’t make the vest. It’s an old DKNY that I have had for probably twenty years…not kidding.


My flesh is not really the same color as my wall, I just suck at photography and Photoshop.


I really wanted a corduroy skirt, but I just haven’t found the right cord fabric yet.  I went with some grey wool flannel I had in my stash lined with some grey cotton. It is so comfy and warm!


It is no surprise, I wear this skirt all the time. I love it! I can’t wait to have a corduroy version, hopefully purple.

My First Sew-Along


This is the very first sew along I have ever participated in! I joined in with Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage and others to sew a bullet bra! How exciting, and the fact that I finished it is even better (sometimes I start these things and get a little…umm…sidetracked).


Brittany provided a great pattern to work with. I used the larger size so I could cut it down…


So I hacked a bunch of fabric off, took in some seams and used some old school methods like simply pinking seam allowances. Nothing fancy here, not even a lining.


I did however use a few modern bra accessories like a closure (I only had cream on hand and the fabric is white, oh well), bra strapping and lingerie elastic. The fabric is a stretch cotton sateen by the way, just some leftover scraps. It has a tiny bit of sheen and looks kind of vintagey.



I was really inspired by all the vintage bullet bras Brittany has in her own collection and some bras I saw here and here. I really loved the idea of using a faggoting stitch and a keyhole opening in the bridge.


Here is a detail shot of my concentric circle stitching used to make the cup more conical. I’m not kidding when I say that, I could seriously poke someone’s eye out wearing this bra.




This sew-along was fun to do. Thanks Brittany! I can’t wait to do another one.


A Sweater For The Queen

I have been knitting this thing for 3 years! Finally… done.


It has been lying around for the past month just waiting for a zipper. I knew I had to get this shit done if The Queen was ever going to be able to wear it a few times before she out grew it.


Apparently three years ago I thought miles of garter stitch would be good mindless and easy knitting.  It. is. the. most. boring. thing. ever. Better knitters could whip this up in no time. It just didn’t hold my attention for more than a couple of rows at a time.

IMG_3333 IMG_3330

Aside from the monotonous garter stitch I do love the pattern, it’s Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Tomten Jacket. It was super easy and fits her perfectly. The yarn is Peace Fleece worsted weight, I think Muldova Burgundy colorway, no way I can remember how many skeins. Peace Fleece is nice to work with, the colors are pretty. It can feel a little itchy, but for outer wear like this it’s fine. She seems to like it, looks like she’s feeling pretty sassy with her hand on her hip!






Mouse the cat! (Really, his name is Mouse.)